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Powerful drive technology for maximum thrills

We are proud that our customers and partners in the development of drive technology for the most extreme tracks in well-known amusement parks rely on Hagenbuch know-how - and that on all continents. Well possible that you already have can be inspired by the power of Hagenbuch-drive technology - and have experienced an adrenaline rush.


Hexamove for the film industry

Green screen technology combined with motion platforms has proven itself for the recording of demanding screen sequences in the studio. Hagenbuch technology supports and accelerates the software development process as the experienced software engineers can rapidly understand and implement the ideas put forward by the directors and film crews. Many film sequences are simulated initially on the computer and the movement profiles are then transferred to the Hexamove control system. Further special effects are often added and these need to run synchronously or may even reqire additional drive axes. Hagenbuch offers a mobile system for such applications with up to 12 servo axes, which can be combined flexibly as required.

A highlight for Hagenbuch technicians was supporting the Nefzer Special Effects company in two major Hollywood productions: "Cloud-Atlas" with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, and "Die Hard 5" with Bruce Willis.


Simulation platform

A classic hexapod with much scope, a broad frequency band and considerable control possibilities. The device is suited for a broad field of applications, from simulation up to test applications. Next to the delivered software, 6 analogue in-trays (+/- 10 VDC) can be used for activation which can be processed to Cartesian (default) or axis coordinates.

Motion-Plattformen auf Fahrzeugen

Motion platforms on vehicles

Strictly speaking the superimposed motion platform is a tripod and not a hexapod. Still the controls are based on the same software core as the hexapod. A feature of this installation is that the movement programme will be interpolated over the path, not over time. When the vehicle is slow, the motion is slow and with higher velocities the motion is faster. Different calibrationg points make sure that the motion is always triggered at the correct position even with worn wheels. The motion controller also regulates the propulsion, so that a correct motion is ensured..

Hexapoden im Kino

Hexapods in the cinema

In this installation 24 smaller hexapods are regulated by a motion controller. The movement programme will be interpolated in Cartesian pattern (so the user programs path and angles, not axis length) and translated individually to every platform. This facilitates moving each platform with individual intensity (the viewer has adjustment possibilities in the seat for the depicted installation).

Back to the Future

Back to the Future

The attraction 'Back to the Future' (in short BTTF) may be old, but it still is a very popular attraction in the Universal Studios in Los Angeles, Orlando and now even in Japan. The Intamin Company is responsible for that which we were able to support in the areas of engineering and hydraulic propulsion technology..