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High Performance Broschuere deutsch
The High-Performance-Shakers were developed to further expand the limits of traditional hydraulic shakers. The drives allow high frequencies up to 600 Hz can be achived, peak accelerations up to 200 g and with useful loads up to 50 kg. The drives have proven effective primarily in the automotive and aviation technology in the testing area.
The drives have fully hydrostatic bearings. This means that pistons are always floating on a oil film. This reduces the friction considerably and most importantly there is no bothersome stip-slick effect. With such high accelerations, the moving mass is the deciding factor. This means that as little own mass as possible must be moved and the force befits the useful load as much as possible. Thus, high-tech materials from aviation and aeronautics are used for all moving parts.
The dimensions of the drives are adapted to customer requests, so that the goals in terms of useful load, peak acceleration and the frequency range can be reached. The shakers can be supplied completely with hydraulic supplies, control electronics, software, safety technology etc..

HPS-26-20-20-20 HPS-45-26-26-15
Piston diameter 26 mm 45 mm
Rod diameter 20 mm
26 mm
Stroke 20 mm 15 mm
Distance measurement system IMS (LVDT) IMS (LVDT)
max. force +/- 7 kN +/- 33 kN
Mass to be moved <= 5 kg <= 50 kg
Frequency range 600 Hz 500 Hz
max. acceleration
(for max. useful load)
200 g 50 g
max. supply pressure 340 bar 340 bar
max. average volume flow 43 l/min (at ~80 Hz) 70 l/min (at ~50 Hz)
Hydraulic oil ISO VG-46
preferably synthetic
preferably synthetic
Ambient temperature range -10 to 35 degrees C -10 to 35 degrees C
Mass HPS Length: 408 mm Ø 420 mm Length: 320 mm Ø 400 mm
Dimensional drawings Massbild_pdf Massbild_pdf
Diagram amplitude to frequency...


It takes efficient electronics and software for the hydraulic shaker to achieve its full performance. The controller's centerpiece is a Power-PC CPU of 1 GHz clock speed and 256 MB RAM. Being combined with an ultra-fast bus system (GinLink), nearly as many interfaces for all kinds of signals can be integrated like is the case with PLC controls. Only, in this case the data transmission is many-times faster and facilitates control sampling rates of up to 16 kHz..

In its basic version, the controller provides 16 digital in- and outputs for 24 V. Additionally available are 8 analog inputs, 3 of which are intended for measuring functions. Usually, one of these three channels will be used for an acceleration sensor. Being equipped with BNC plugs, 2 inputs can be used for other measuring functions. The number of interfaces can be increased at any time and at low costs, whereas modules for nearly all kinds of signals arae available..

The electronic equipment comes with a high-performance 24 VDC power supply of 30 or 40 A for the servo valves’ control. Additionally, a safety circuit that allows for the drive’s deactivation at any time has been intergrated. The illustrations show the electronic equipment being installed in a convenient PC rack. However, depending on the respective application or number of interfaces it may alternatively be advisable to install it in an industrial control cabinet..

ControllerPPC CPU
Clock rate 1 GHz
Ethernet1 GBit/s
Bus system Gin-Link
Sampling-Rate16 kHz
Servo valve up to 8
Power supply 24 VDC, 40A
Connected load 230 VAC
400 VAC
(460 VAC)
(110 VAC)
digitale inputs 16, 24 VDC
digitale outputs 16, 24 VDC, 1 A
analog inputs 8
analog outputs 8