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Memory blocks
Integrating different functions in one piece


The block memory integrate various functions into one part. The hydraulic bladder accumulator covers the top performances on the test stand, which thus can be higher than installed on the unit. A low pressure accumulator also mutes the pulse locations in the return line. In the block also also important safety features integrated. The connection of the pressure is controlled by two series-large valves, the position of which is electrically monitored over.

On the front panel connectors are for the drives. In addition to pressure and return line also leaked oil-connections have this available. On request, the memory blocks can be supplied with soft-start functions. The number of terminals and the size is scalable.

 Speicherblock hoch

Memory block type Max. volume flow Pressure max.
NW10 80 l/min. 350 bar
NW16 200 l/min. 350 bar
NW25 400 l/min. 350 bar
NW32 1000 l/min. 350 bar